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Flesh to Flesh (Savage Garden, #1) Tawny Taylor

Flesh to Flesh (Savage Garden, #1)

Tawny Taylor

Kindle Edition
37 pages
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 About the Book 

From Amazon Best Selling author, Tawny Taylor, a story of redemption, love and carnal need...After making one fatal mistake, Dr. Noble Cavanaugh is cursed by a powerful mage. His punishment: compete isolation. From people. From sensation. From life. But once a year Noble is freed from his prison and spends three bittersweet days with his devoted partner and lover, Sayer Lyon. They make love. They laugh. And they weep. And then at sunrise, he returns to his prison to wait for the next years fall equinox. This is how its been for five years, and this is how it will be for many more.At least, thats what Noble and Sayer believe.WARNINGGay Erotica. Contains bone-melting graphic gay sex scenes