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Sentient D.R. Rosier


D.R. Rosier

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Kris is on his way home after being permanently injured on his last Special Forces mission. He isn’t sure how he feels about returning home after the tragedy in his past. He has no idea what surprises the future holds for him. He’ll have to draw on all he knows if he hopes to survive.Aide is a fully sentient artificial intelligence. She is on a mission to Earth’s solar system to look for possible allies in a long war. The galaxy is not a peaceful place. She had no idea though what impact her mission will have not only on the war, but on herself as well.This story is told in the third person primarily from Kris and Aide’s point of view. It is also in the light science fiction, or space opera genre. I may write more books in this universe sometime in the future, but it is a standalone novel.WARNING: This book is an erotic novel. If you are offended by explicit sex, do not buy this book. There is MF and FF scenes of a sexually explicit nature. Unlike most of my books this is not a polyamory or group love novel.