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Walking on a Wire Tywon Cunningham

Walking on a Wire

Tywon Cunningham

Published September 4th 2014
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It is not always easy being brave, particularly in the face of something scary.It’s time again for Theodore to return to the Children’s Research Hospital for his monthly chemotherapy treatment. However, Theodore has never liked visiting the hospital for chemotherapy and has never felt brave at all. This time, though, he has promised his mother that he will be brave, because he wants to be a big boy.Joining Theodore today is his puppy, Wire, who provides him with comfort and fun during his hospital visit. Theodore and Wire find a book about a man in a top hat trying to find the courage to walk across a wire in the circus. Theodore and Wire are fascinated by the man in the top hat and want to walk across the wire too. Theodore imagines himself and Wire being brave and walking across a wire during their hospital visit. Theodore must be brave during chemotherapy and also while trying to make it across the wire.